Best Baccarat Casinos Online

The history of baccarat begins in the 15th century, when it was played with tarot cards. It’s believed that an Italian invented the game and came up with the basic rules. Then it came to France and became an excellent leisure activity for the aristocracy. Over time, it spread across many countries, and thereafter its popularity gradually increased. Now, everyone recognizes this game. Besides, if it’s in demand, it’s also available in the world’s top virtual casinos.

Merited Casino Suppliers Guide

Today, you can try your luck with the following gambling providers: Microgaming, RTG, NetEnt Pro Series, Betsoft, 1x2Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Cryptologic. Some of these suppliers offer it even in a live version. However, the quality is almost equal between these companies. Without taking into account the live dealer, the biggest difference is usually in the buttons’ placements and variations. With that said, every name on the list tried to develop something unique.

Bonus Policy

If you’re looking for baccarat casino bonuses, you’ll be delighted with the number and amount of operators providing enticing promotions in significant quantities. You can find such kinds of rewards as match, reload, cashback, no-deposit and sign up. There are special opportunities for high rollers too. If you’re to play in such Internet gambling houses, remember that all these merits come with special conditions.

Game Rules & Variations

baccarat Baccarat isn’t really that difficult of a game to play. Once you learn the table rules you’ll be surprised by its actual simplicity. Here, the cards are dealt to 2 hands – Banker and Player. You can bet on these 2 and on the Tie or the combination. The task is to get 8-9 scores with 2 or 3 cards.

An Ace gives 1 point, between 2 and 9 the face is valued and see the cards together with ten give 0. If you get more than 10 points, this digit will be deducted. There are also other kinds, with slightly different rules, options: mini, high limit, Punto Banco, en banque, European, and Chemin de fer.

High Limit Baccarat

If you consider yourself supremely lucky, you can gamble the high limit version, which is played with 8 decks shuffled before each round. The core sense is the same, to get the “natural” combination (8-9 points) and try to bet on Dealer, Banker, Tie. Guessing Tie means you’ll get an 8 to 1 payment. Otherwise, the win is 1 to 1. Cards’ values are the same, but playing this type can provide you with some solid money.

How to Play Baccarat for Cash

Being a real cash gambler opens the doors to very good bonuses and play through specifics. Be ready to face some responsibility for a freebie given to you. Especially helpful can be terms and conditions, which must explain the features of the game extras. Purchasing a real account at the online casino is an absolute must thing to launch the entertainment.

With/Without Bonus

Claiming a freebie is a very lucrative method to reach the winnings, with a no-deposit bonus at baccarat. You need to realize that you’ll certainly be imposed with a playback, in order to get given money, but there exists a sticky type, – the sum obtained for free will never leave the house. A cashable way allows for withdrawing it, after completing the requirements. However, sometimes the process of getting it may be limited to several days. If you’re not ready to face such obstacles, reject those offers.

Fast & Secure Banking Options

thinking of strategy What do you expect from a venue in terms of banking? Most likely, a flexible system for making payments or fast bank transfers. Based on the house chosen, there are a few ways to transfer funds – through electronic wallets, bank transfer and payment systems (PayPal, and Skrill).

Reputable establishments have a big range of possibilities available within all mechanisms mentioned. Be ready for the particular features of every location. Usually, they can take a small fee (about 5% from the sum) for transferring or depositing/withdrawing may be specific.


Wagers for baccarat are the same as for any other table entertainment. You can face a 30-50x requirement, which is quite a big amount for even $100. In this situation the HE (house edge) is quite essential, because this game has a low HE, you won’t be able to give away 100% for playthrough conditions, but only a part. This makes it a problem for some people to enjoy only what they want to bet and makes it esceedingly difficult to cover the initial demands.

Baccarat Casino Winners Study

There are so many strategies and stories of the winnings across the Internet that inspire many rookies to learn the rules and begin gambling without any real analysis. This approach is wrong. Winners know that success depends on many aspects and we’ll try to give you a short list of them.

Betting Strategies

In any game, there are ways to gain advantage. However, baccarat, like others of this type, offers different strategies for a roller to turn the edge to his/her favor. One of the most famous systems is card counting, indicating a chance of shifting to the other side bet, employed by a strategist Edward O. Thorp. There is also the system called 1-3-2-4, in which your initial stake through the deck must be multiplied by these digits alternately. The Martingale method, in general, is about the constant doubling of a bet before winning.

Online Money Management

Before using any approach, read the feedback from those who have tried it. The easiest tip for everyone, is to always bet on Player and never on Tie, because a house edge for the second case raises to 15%, though it is usually 1-2%. The Martingale system doesn’t apply for low-rollers as it can be too expensive in the long run. Card counting should be helpful, but the demands, odds and charges are to be known. Don’t play for a long period – the house will always win n the end and don’t end big at a start. That would be missteps.